Caitlin and Matt

Caitlyn and Matt's wedding at Figtree Restaurant, nestled near the most eastern point of Australia, was nothing short of a dreamy afternoon. Every moment was filled with love, beauty, and enchantment, leaving everyone in awe.

Big White, Canada - December 2015 is when we first met. We were both doing a winter season there. Matt was working as a barista in a coffee shop called Globe and the first time we met he stuffed up my coffee order twice. I like the think it's because he was so flustered.

Our first date went a little something like this. We went snowboarding together on our first date. It was a bit of a disaster...

Matt was a much better snowboarder than me and he took me to this spot on the mountain where there was fresh snow and I got stuck and had to dig my way out. I remember freaking out and I'm pretty sure I even cried hahaha. But he stuck around so I must have done something right!


Byron Bay Real Wedding – Caitlin and Matt

July 12, 2023

I love that we wrote our own vows as well, it made the meaning all that more greater. I had tears rolling down my face, Michael rarely cry’s but even he wiped away a few tears! The entire ceremony was such a special moment, so many tears and laughs and the place was vibing with love!

Walking down the aisle, getting ready, a funny moment during speeches, a tearful moment etc). Please elaborate. “There were so many wonderful moments! But, seeing Michael waiting at the alter made me feel overwhelmed and full of love walking down the aisle, it was like a continuous rush coming over me. It’s like nothing I've ever experienced

Favourite moment/memory from the day?