Stacey & Morgz

Michael and I were living in Perth when he proposed. Michael is in the navy and he was offered a job over there. Michael was set to go on a 3-month deployment. It’s always a sad time when we have to say goodbye for that long. Michael had the perfect plan to make this a happy time. He took me to a lake for a Punic with cheese and wine, I thought it was just because he was going away that he wanted to do something special, but when he asked me to marry him with a gorgeous trinity diamond ring it took me by complete surprise. We were only in Perth for a year and in that time, we were engaged and had a baby boy, Levi

Stacey & Morgz

June 22, 2022


I love that we wrote our own vows as well, it made the meaning all that more greater. I had tears rolling down my face, Michael rarely cry’s but even he wiped away a few tears! The entire ceremony was such a special moment, so many tears and laughs and the place was vibing with love!

Walking down the aisle, getting ready, a funny moment during speeches, a tearful moment etc). Please elaborate. “There were so many wonderful moments! But, seeing Michael waiting at the alter made me feel overwhelmed and full of love walking down the aisle, it was like a continuous rush coming over me. It’s like nothing I've ever experienced

Favourite moment/memory from the day?