If you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it. We believe you a right to be as merry as the rest of us. There’s no such thing as gay marriage, Now it’s just marriage. . ENQUIRE NOW! 2018 +2019


Hello, I’m Daniel.

I recently arrived back to Australia from living on a boat in the northern Atlantic Ocean for 8 years with my wife (Jess). We were sailing between tropical Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean Sea documenting adventurous hearts along the way. I consider myself a bit of a nomad that loves taking lionhearted couples on adventures off the beaten tracks, where I can capture the rawness and beauty with no interruptions.


Documenting couples love stories around the world.

My style of capturing weddings is relaxed, with a documentary style, utilizing natural lighting to give the images warmth and true love.I consider myself more of a storyteller. I find the perfect in imperfectness. I find the smiles in natural moments. I find the realness in rawness. I find a story in every couple.